Millennium Technical Design Services gets you to market FASTER!

With dedicated electrical, mechanical, and embedded software engineers on staff, rest assured your project will progress proportionally to your time-sensitive schedule

Either our skilled team will work closely, in parallel, with your engineering team, or produce a complete turnkey solution to your exact specifications.

Electrical Engineers, with an average experience level of over eighteen years, will select the most appropriate components, develop a schematic, layout the circuit card, and manage the prototype build according to your schedule.

Software Engineers begin work as soon as specifications are ready, to ensure test code is ready once hardware arrives.

Millennium Alliance partners with a fully staffed Mechanical Engineering design firm to fulfill your mechanical design requirements, from sheet metal to injection molded parts; high or low volume.

A certified project manager (PMP) is assigned to every project, regardless of size. The project manager supervises and reports all activity to your team, as dictated by you.

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